Proposed UI icon: Continuity

This icon was inspired by the practice of welding the old, lozenge-shaped bar of soap to the new brick-like bar. With this strategy, there’s never a bathing experience that doesn’t involve some soap from the previous bathing experience. I wonder how long I’ve maintained this unbroken string of bathing experiences?

Regardless, this ritualized practice makes the piggybacked bars of soap the perfect way to represent CONTINUITY in an icon format.

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Boston Red Sox Logo in Dunkin Donuts style

dunkin red sox

Red Sox Logo in Dunkin Donuts Style

I was goofing around this weekend and decided to mock up this sticker idea that’s been in my head for a while.

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Color distribution in today’s m&m snack

m&m color distro skewed green and red heavy: Br 3: O 7: Bl 7:... on TwitPic

  • Brown 3
  • Orange 7
  • Blue 7
  • Yellow 8
  • Red 13
  • Green 19
  • Total 57
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MP3s: Pudding Attack, Crystal Stilts, Religious Knives, Faceless Werewolves

The song link itself will take you to an MP3 search engine if the direct link ever goes dead. Feel free to reply and post other tracks below.

Pudding Attack – Mama Paper Cut

Pudding Attack’s playful approach to language is apparent in their lyrics and song titles alike. They bring a good dirty bar band aesthetic to growing overly clean world of digital music production. A comparison to the Ex Models is an easy one to make with the overdriven, wild vocals, but the dual keyboard freakout sound is entirely their own.…

Crystal Stilts – Converging in the Quiet

This album might be classified emo surf, it’s as if Nick Cave decided to lay down a bunch of pop songs, or is that just because the the ghostly vocals sound like they were recorded in a cave? Dreamy shoegazer pop like this takes me back to sifting through 7 inch singles at the community radio station looking for new stuff to play on my show.…

Religious Knives – The Streets

On the Religious Knives album, ‘It’s After Dark’ they channel the psychic energy of sex and death like the Doors did but with all the flowers from the 60s boiled away, leaving behind a potent concentrated resin. The slow haunting harmonies on this track remind me of a call to prayer blaring out of an old PA echoing off the buildings in a crowded neighborhood. There’s a call to be answered here, but it’s not an easy one to answer.…

Faceless Werewolves – Elevation

Songs about stripping are almost never good songs to strip to in and of themselves, (e.g. PJ Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig, Joe Cocker – Leave Your Hat On) but this one passes that test. It’s a pretty fair take on the topic that manages moments of both humor and sex appeal. I love the double female vocals doing a call and response on the word ‘degenerate’ over the chunky distorto guitar riff.

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MP3s: Jeni and Billy, Emmy the Great, Lykke Li, Viking Moses

The song link itself will take you to an MP3 search engine if the direct link ever goes dead. Feel free to reply and post other tracks below.

Jeni and Billy – Chicken Ridge

When this track came on the radio on a sunny fall Sunday while driving around the Bronx, Jeni’s and Billy’s voices transported me away from the crumbling warehouses and over-paved neighborhoods to the Appalachian wilderness. There’s no narrative to the lyrics, but these two voices, guitar and banjo take you on a personal audio tour of a sad and beautiful place.

Emmy the Great – Easter Parade

Emma-Lee Moss has a great, clear voice. This track is a live recording of a performance at this year’s SXSW, and is as good a reason as any to resolve to see more live shows. Her phrasing of the dense prose-like verses is nimble and confident and I especially love the melody and phrasing of familiar Latin hymn lyrics in the chorus which make them entirely her own.

Lykke Li – My Love

Most of the songs I’ve heard by Lykke Li are fun like 80s pop was fun, but this understated two-chord track is lush and dreamy and finishes with a great a cappella whirlwind. She’s got a baby voice which doesn’t always work for me in all the different deliveries she tries but it works here as she sings in a hushed register. Also, dig one of the backup singer’s crazy warbling falsetto.

Viking Moses – Al Jazeera

This track has a sweet melody and sung from the perspective of one living in an occupied country and dealing with daily oppression. I admire Viking Moses like I admire early Bright Eyes or The Mountain Goats in their drive to put down so many of their thoughts and experiences into song. I’ve only just been introduced to this artist, but look forward to listening to more.

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Comix: No Fly

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